I am a theistic Unitarian Universalist; an accountable antiracist, feminist, queer ally; a liberal, suburban American minister practicing a modern version of New England’s old “congregational way;” a loving husband and father; and a spiritual leader dedicated to transformative preaching, teaching, healing and social justice ministries. Serving as the parish minister of UUS:E has blessed my life in many ways. Most importantly, UUS:E has allowed me—and continues to allow me—to be an authentic spiritual presence and to provide excellence in ministry. I am deeply thankful.

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Education: M.Div., Harvard Divinity School, 1999. B.A., Oberlin College, 1989.

Ordination: First Parish in Cambridge (Unitarian Universalist), Cambridge, Massachusetts, April, 1999.

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  1. Dick Michaels says:

    As a “recovering catholic”, I would join your church in a heart beat, should you be anywhere close to Three Rivers, MI. Alas, I will make due with our Presbyterian church which is very welcoming.

    • admin says:

      Nice to hear from you Dick. I know many great Presbyterian congregations and clergy in CT and MA! Though if you’re ever interested in checking out the Unitarian Universalist congregations in your area, I see one in Kalamazoo, one in Portage, and one in Elkhart. 🙂

  2. Katie Allen says:

    Way to go, Josh. A very merry Christmas to you. Mike Nappe linked me to your latest blog and I’m very happy to know you do such wonderful work. Love to your family.

  3. Ron & Jason says:

    Rev. Josh:
    After a typically busy Sunday, here we are awake in the early hours of Monday–needing to focus on something in order to get back to sleep. Having met you Sunday afternoon, we decided to check out the UUS:E website a little more and are touched, to say the very least, by those sermons we’ve read so far. We could feel the heart of your comforting words in dealing with your parish’s loss of Pawel whom we never had the pleasure of meeting. We are so sorry for such a loss for all of you. We’re thankful to Pawel for his influencing such words of comfort from you. It was a breath of fresh air hearing/reading your sermons after hearing some unbearable homilies over the past few weeks in another church where we are employed. We work hard at tolerating much of what we hear in order to execute our professional employ. We provide music for an average of 2 funerals a week and what a contrast to that which you’ve “allowed”. We use this word because the funerals for which we provide music, are largely about what is allowed and moreso what is not. The clergy discourage Eulogies and focus on their church’s dogma. The families are discouraged from doing eulogies for their loved ones “because it takes too much time.” They are “allowed” a maximum of 3-5 minutes at the end of the funeral masses. A local Archbishop has talked about plans for disallowing eulogies at all at funeral masses. As it is, the deceased get lost in the ceremonies. The pastor reads the very same scripted sermon at EVERY funeral and it is so impersonal. Many parishoners say they can recite the homily right along with him. Our hearts go out to the grieving families who are hit with restricting rules and much disregard for their grief. Sometimes we think the most consolation they receive is when they meet with us to help them prepare the music. We do our best to make it a true music ministry. Since the Supreme Court ruling on SSM, the congregations are inundated with sermons and weekly prayers about “the religious freedom to keep marriage sacred between ONE man and ONE woman,” and “not condoning the immorality of gay people.” We “vent” all this, because it might illustrate the thirst and appreciation we have for words such as yours. It was refreshing today to be reminded that there are wonderful people who actually gather regularly for loving support and true spiritual growth. We would appreciate information on how to order one of the Hymnals your congregation uses.
    Warm regards,

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