After ‘He is Risen!’ — A Post-Easter Litany

This post-Easter litany is modeled after Howard Thurman’s “Now the Work of Christmas Begins.” It was prepared for Moral Monday CT’s Week of Holy Action, Mach 28th to April 4th, 2016. 

CrossAfter the Hosannahs have all been shouted,

After anguished moments in the garden have been spent,

After “take this bread and eat, take this wine and drink,”

After betrayal with a kiss,

After hands washed and 39 lashes,

After seven last words and “he breathed his last,”

After crucifixion and death,

After laying the body in the tomb,

After rolling away the stone,

DSC_0099After proclamations of “He is risen!”

Now let us rise!

Now let us awaken to a new dawn, a new day!

Let us remake the world with the hope of Easter!

Let us set free the prisoners,

House the homeless,

Educate the children,

Offer gainful work to all who are willing and able to work,

Protect soil, water, air, and food,

SofieEnd all forms of state-sanctioned violence.

Now may we awaken and stay woke!

Now may we rise and stay risen!

Now may we rise, and stay rose!

Amen and blessed be.

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One Response to After ‘He is Risen!’ — A Post-Easter Litany

  1. Jeannette says:

    And, in our day to day lives, when we witness prejudicial meanness, cruelty, or hate toward others, let us step up and intercede with love.

    Let us stand beside the objectified, with our imperfect but shining humanity, and help to stop the madness one act at a time.

    No act of kindness is too small to count.

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