Does Not Compute by Molly Vigeant

[Molly Vigeant wrote this poem in support of the worship service and sermon at UUS:E on 6/4/17]


my mind connects

each neuron

like a cable

to a memory

that means something to me,

my cables connect

finding results to your questions,

to my questions

but i do Not display the results


you see my mind

does not work like that laptop

i am not here to tell you what you want,

i wont show you fake research on your theory

to hold up

to show you are right

though i like you have an opinion,

i am not a computer.

i tell you what you need to hear,

not what you want


i am a friend


i am a human,


so my cables cant just be unplugged

and replugged

my cables are living beings,

so since we respect the inherent worth and dignity of being



stop unplugging them,

they are a part of me,

my cables if torn or tortured

or hurt,

may or may not be able

to reroute

and find a new home,

i hope they do.


or else they’re gone

all those years of memories,

i don’t have a back up hard drive

i have my friends,

but what if they don’t remember the same


so please

don’t call me a computer

when i compose rhymes,

call it the power

of a human mind.

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