“I Am the UUA” — Christopher D. Sims

On Sunday, November 4th I had the great joy of co-leading worship at UUS:E with spoken word artist Christopher D. Sims (aka UniverSouLove). I’ve known Chris since 2005 when we started seeing each other at Unitarian Universalist General Assemblies. At the time Chris was a leader in the youth and young adult community of the UUA’s People of Color Organization known as DRUUMM (Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries). Over the years we’ve worked on UU antiracism projects together and we’ve always talked about leading worship together if we ever got the chance. Well, we finally did. Chris is on the east coast for a meeting of the  UUA’s Nominating Committee.

I picked him at at Logan airport on Saturday afternoon and brought him back to Manchester. He performed at our church coffeehouse on Saturday night. He led worship with me this morning and then conducted a workshop on spoken word poetry in the afternoon. Tomorrow night he’s planning to participate in a local poetry open mic in Hartford called the Love Jones Experience. On Tuesday evening we’re planning to do voter turnout work in Hartford with the Community Voter Project.

Chris began this morning with “I Am the UUA.” Check out:


Here’s the text:

I am the UUA.

I am what I believe. I am religion, as I breathe.

I am the UUA.

I am of earth, justice jargon, and community.

I am the UUA.

A seeker, a searcher, an explorer.

However, I am centered in our Seven Principles and my belief is invincible.

I am the UUA.

My colorful community fills churches small and large across America and beyond.

I am the UUA.

A fighter, a writer, a humanist. One who is deeply spiritual.

My faith is found in the grass, in songs, in poems by Rumi and Mary Oliver.

I am White, I am Black, I am Brown, I am Yellow,  and I am Red. By Unitarian Universalism my spirit is greatly fed.

I am the UUA.

With passion and fire I sing. Followers of my faith are fighters: they marched with and died for Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream.

I am the UUA.

Humble, hopeful, happy, and free. No other faith or religious tradition is better for me! I am the UUA.


For Chris’ next poem from November 4th, 2012 worship, go here.


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