“Johnny Lost His Job” — Christopher D. Sims

More from Christopher D. Sims at UUS:E on November 4th! (For background on Chris’ trip to CT, go here.) Chris’ second piece of the morning was entitled “Johnny Lost His Job.” I asked him to perform it in part because jobs have been such a salient theme during the presidential campaign and I felt it was an excellent piece to experience 48 hours before election day. I also think it’s just an awesome poem. Check out:


Here’s the text:

To downsizing  
To greed
To the speed of need
To taxes
To too many unapproved corporate faxes
Johnny lost his job.

To a third world nation, to the cost
of inflation Johnny lost his job.

Johnny lost his job during
the Bush Administration.
Right after the Enron debacle,
When losing one’s job seemed
impossible is when Johnny lost his job.

Johnny sang the blues
when he got the news.  
Confused, he went straight
to his bosses office. Counting
the company’s losses, Mr. Man
lost it: “Johnny get the hell
out of here!!” Johnny’s pride
and his pension disappeared.

Johnny lost his job after
he regained one in this current
recession. The second Great
Depression. It hurt, this second life,
second job, was such a blessing. 

Johnny lost his job this time,
working on a Chrysler Assembly line.
No one told him that Chrysler
was losing its place, about to stop lines
and shut doors. Johnny’s jaw sank to the floor.

Johnny lost his job to competition.
To foreign auto manufacturer’s vision
’cause American manufacturer’s didn’t listen
to an ugly, but unpredictable system.

Baby needs new shoes. Mama needs a new coat.
He voted for Obama, but where is the hope?

Now, he sobs. Things feel so odd.

What is he going to do these days?
Unemployment barely pays a livable wage.

Johnny lost his job! Johnny lost his job!

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