Paper Tiger

I recently heard an interview with Minneapolis rapper-singer-poet-essayist Dessa. I can’t remember where I heard the interview, but it left me wanting to hear more.

She’s part of a larger, seven-member hip-hop collective based in the twin cities called Doomtree. Doomtree has a new album out this year, and many of its members seem to have albums out this year. Dessa’s new album, “Castor, the Twin,” just came out in October. I like it a lot–rap meets acoustic jazz. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything like it.

But the Doomtree member who really got to me is Paper Tiger, whose album “Made Like Us” came out in July, 2010. ┬áDessa sings on many of the songs. I’m a sucker for dark, haunting melodies with simple grooves and lush keyboards. Paper Tiger does it well. for your listening pleasure:

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